Most Excited/Anticipated Books of 2017 and Update

Hey, everyone! I know, it has been such a long time since I have been blogging and bookstagramming, and I am truly sorry. I have been wanting to read more since I have gotten out of school, which was a couple of weeks ago. Now, I have returned to school for summer school, but I am still trying to catch up on my blogging. For the time that I had stopped blogging, I had been going through school and trying to keep up with my reading. I also have a big deal with perfection and wanting to make and to do things right. Because of that, I did not want to just spit something out and publish it, regretting it later on in life. I want to write and publish my own writings on my own accords, which is making sure I approve of everything I write and letting all my readers be happy with what they are reading.
    Now that I have let you all get updated with what is going on in my life, it is time to go back to books(my favorite!). Over the past month, Book Expo, Bookcon, and countless other boo…

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski

I had found this book at my local library sale and thought the cover was beautiful. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski was only a cover buy, and it was not bought because it sounded interesting. Spoiler: It was not at all interesting. Instead, it was one of the most boring books I have ever read. I will not include my summary in this short review since I had not read this book entirely. I will only include some of my opinions and thoughts of what I have read in the book.Book's Summary:Born mute, speaking only in sign, Edgar Sawtelle leads an idyllic life with his parents on their farm in remote northern Wisconsin. For generations, the Sawtelles have raised and trained a fictional breed of dog whose thoughtful companionship is epitomized by Almondine, Edgar's lifelong friend and ally. But with the unexpected return of Claude, Edgar's paternal uncle, turmoil consumes the Sawtelles' once peaceful home. When Edgar's father dies suddenly, Claude insinuates …

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

About everyone has heard of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens from the Disney movie or reading the book. I have seen both and think they are both wonderful and full of the Christmas spirit. *WARNING*: There may be spoilers in this review. You have been warned!😈

My Summary:
   It all starts on a cold Christmas day with Ebenezer Scrooge working at Marley and Scrooge, a money-lending business. He has always hated Christmas and even hates it to present day. Until he goes  home he has never doubted himself. First, he sees Marley's face on his door knocker, he sees Marley's ghost, and meets three ghosts. The first ghost he meets is Christmas Past who shows Scrooge his past Christmases. Then, the ghost of Christmas present comes to him to show him what is happening on at the present moment. He sees families going through struggles, hardships, and some comedic moments. He sees his nephew having a party and praising him. Then, the ghost of Christmas future comes and shows Scrooge t…

Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

 Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson is a contemporary novel set in Georgia and focuses on three girls: Leeda, Birdie, and Murphy, who have a wonderful spring and summer break together. For this novel,
Peaches is a story of three different girls building a friendship on a peach farm. *WARNING*: There are spoilers. You have been warned and beware!

Summary from the book:
 "Three Georgia peaches are in for one juicy summer...
...but Birdie would rather eat Thin Mints and sulk in the A/C. Leeda would prefer to sneak off with her boyfriend, Rex. And, Murphy would much rather cause a little mischief. Together these three very different girls with discover the secret to finding the right boy, making the truest of friends, and picking the perfect Georgia peach." -Jodi Lynn Anderson, Author of Peaches

My Summary:
    Three girls: the good two shoes, the rich, popular girl, and the troublemaker join together to form the perfect friendship in a story told from their three points of view. Peache…

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

In 2016, there were many anticipated movies that came out and Suicide Squad was one of them. Since I am a die-hard Harry Potter fan, I spent my one day a year at my local movie theater watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I am also a fan of DC Comic, but I am very happy that I did not waste my money on a ticket to see this movie. I am very late to seeing this movie though because I just saw it a couple nights ago.

IMDB's Summary:
 "A secret government agency recruits some of the most dangerous incarcerated super-villains to form a defensive task force. Their first mission: save the world from the apocalypse." -IMDB

My Summary:
   This supposedly thrilling, action-filled movie fails all of the big expectations that were brought upon it by professional reviewers and popular websites looking to make a few easy bucks. Starring big time actors Will Smith as Deadshot, a talented hit man that has a secret soft spot for his daughter, and Jared Leto as the Joker, …

X by Ilyasha Shabazz and Kekla Magoon

X a novel by Ilyasha Shabazz and Kekla Magoon is a historical-fiction memoir of the beginning of Malcolm X's life before he became the renowned human rights activist who we know today. I found this one day at my local library's book sale and thought two things: 1. The cover is beautiful and 2. This sounds interesting. Oh, I was incredibly right and X definitely deserves a 5/5 star rating. WARNING: The review that I am about to give may have spoilers; so if you have not read X, either read X or just read my review.=)
     As I have said prior, this novel gives a fictionalized insight into Malcolm X's life as a child until his young adulthood. Through the course of this book, Malcolm falls in love, gets in trouble, deals with hardships, and becomes an entirely different person. The story first starts in the 1940s when one of the conflicts and some of the characters are being introduced. Malcolm is described as an African American man, or "just a Negro," who cannot…

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

For about six days, I have immersed myself into Kristin Cashore's world of Graceling. Not only did I read this during the day like a normal person, but I also read this in the middle of the night and in the early hours of the morning until I was tired and knew that I would not be able to function at school the next day. It was all worth it. I would give Graceling 3.75/5 stars. WARNING: There will be spoilers; so if you do not want to be spoiled, read the book before you read my full review or just read it.=)
    First and foremost, the main character is a girl named Katsa who lives in a time around medieval times; and she is graced, or has a heightened ability, for killing. She is employed by her uncle King Randa and is made to do his dirty work. She will break bones, kill someone, or maim unwillingly for her uncle because one of his subjects did not pay him the correct amount of money or broke an unfair rule. Katsa is against her uncle's punishments and has created a Cou…