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Book Review: Murder in Little Shendon by A.H. Richardson | One Murder Too Little, A Snail Slow Plot, and a Who Done It

Picture, if you will, a picturesque village called Little Shendon, suddenly caught up in dealing with a murder of one of its citizens - not a particularly well-liked one at that. Which makes it all the more intriguing because the list of suspects becomes very long. This tantalizing tale unfolds with delightful twists and turns to find out whodunit to Mr. Bartholomew Fynche, the murdered shopkeeper. Fear grips the community as the investigation slowly progresses. Everyone is interviewed; everyone is suspect! From the murdered man's housekeeper to Lady Armstrong, her staff and her nephew. Or could it be the shy librarian new in town? Or the defiant retired army major and his ladyfriend, the post mistress? Or perhaps the weird sisters who live on the edge of town? Then there is the couple who own the local inn and pub, along with the two Americans who are staying there? Even the vicar and his wife fall under the gloom of suspicion. Uncertainty, wariness, and terror reign as neighbors…

Spell Your Name with Fictional Characters Book Tag | Days Full of Stress, Overachieving, and My New Identity

Several times, I have worked all day long. Every time I go to an amusement park or any popular vacation spot, I have to wrestle my way into a place in line. Some days, I have been on my feet all day, moving from one area to the next without taking a break. And, even though I have done all that and more, I feel as if this tag was the hardest thing in the whole universe.

First, if I may ask, why did I choose to do this? Also, why did I somewhat accept Lili from Lili's Blissful Pages's challenge to do this?(Also, go check out and follow Lili because she is just super-duper awesome sauce. That is not a description big enough for Lili; however, if you start reading her blog, you will be as speechless as I am.) Just, why?! I really think that she and some other bloggers lured me out into the open with some cake. How did they even know I have an obsession with cake and other foods? It is not like I stuff my face everyday.

Anyhow, I have a tag to start so if the internet will please k…

My Monthly Adventures: January 2018 | Breaking New Year's Resolutions, More Procrastination, and Wrapping Myself in Blankets and Books

Hello, everyone! 
Sorry but there are no puns to share with you today.
Okay, maybe one!

While I was searching up puns to add to this puntastic post, I saw on my calendar that it has been February for twenty-one
pilots days. That means that this post was supposed to go up twenty-one milk bottles on the wall ago. Just to inform everyone, this is my mind at noon.

Anyway, this is an easy and laid-back post so I do not know why I keep pushing this aside and instead choose to write reviews. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to have my wrap-ups posted ON TIME. Emphasis on the words "ON TIME." So, let's just try to wrap-up January. Anyway, I am going to fly right through this wrap-up for January as I have to finish a few book reviews for some authors and a publicist I am working with. Thank you to all of you who are okay with my laziness and my terrible time-management.

Also, since I am super lazy, can I just copy and paste my list from my December wrap-up of why I do no…

[Blog Tour+Giveaway] Devil's Gold by Amanda Kinney | A Murder Mystery, My Future, and Tea Recommendations

I cannot believe the amount of blog tours I have done since I have first started my little blog. My blog is almost one year old so I will have to make a birthday recap; however, this is not a post all about me. Okay, it kind of is as this blog is about ME; however, today, we are focusing on Amanda McKinney's Devil'sGold, a new novella in a new series written to show cut-throat mysteries that have a sassy main character. If that sounds exactly like a book you would like to read, then let's just get into this book's pages!
- - -
Title: Devil’s Gold (Black Rose Mystery #1)

Author: Amanda McKinney

Publication date:February 13th 2018

Genres: Adult, Mystery, Thriller

Formats: eBook

Find it: Goodreads, Amazon

Despite being chronically late, occasionally disheveled and a tad disorganized, Dixie Knight is one of the top private investigators in the country, and when a young woman goes missing in the small, Southern town of Devil’s Den, Dixie takes the case. She expected it to …

[Blitz Blog Tour+Giveaway] The Leak of Madness by Alice J. Black: Weird Intros, Excessive Fangirling, and a New Paranormal Horror Book to Keep You Awake During the Night

Hello, lovely book-lovers! Or, if you just happened to stumble on my blog while searching up on how one can catch the cutest cat in the world while still having time to take over the world and eat a bunch of McDonald's french fries, then (a) you have come to the right place, (b) what an oddly specific search question to ask Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, and (c) hello, rest your feet, and become part of the family by subscribing to my blog.


Anyway, somehow, this post became an advertisement not for The Leak of Madness, which just came out today *fangirling so hard* and sounds amazing, but for french fries, cats, world denomination (my favorite hobby), and my blog, which you should follow.

Have you followed yet?

Okay, getting away from that mess of writing, Alice J. Black's The Leak of Madness is out today!

I am so excited to share with each and every one of you readers a small summary to get you excited for this book, a special excerpt to get your fee…