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Book Review: Ghost Stories by Whit Taylor

3/5 stars
Ghost Stories is a graphic novel collection offering three haunting explorations. Granted the chance to meet three of her dead idols in "Ghost," the author’s cartoon-self embarks on a journey to remote and unanticipated landscapes, in a story of self-discovery and healing. In "Wallpaper," a child tells the story of a household move, remodel, and loss through the lens of flashbulb memory. And in "Makers," two girls with an unorthodox friendship make a rocky transition into adulthood. Throughout each tale, ghosts exist as past selves and remnants of past relationships that are met with inquiry, resolution, and personal rebirth. Discussion: If you are looking for a spooky story to scare the socks off of your's and everyone else's feet, put down this book, get some tissues and cookies, and then sit yourself back down and reopen this book as this is not a book of scary ghost stories. Instead, this is a book full of stories that tell of the gho…

Post-Christmas Giveaway and Interview with Iain Reading

In the midst of October while the mild breezes were blowing past me, the leaves were changing, and my school schedule was getting a heck of a lot heavier, a publicist contacted me, wondering if I would take up on her offer to help publicize a book for an author of hers.(Thank you, Kelsey!) I immediately took a seat on Kitty Hawk's plane for this project as a) I love books, b) I love spreading news of great books and authors, and c) I wanted to spread some holiday cheer around Christmas time! I have interviewed Iain Reading, the author of Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold, and have presented a giveaway for all those looking for a special gift after the Christmas holiday. Let the fun begin!

Interview with Iain Reading!
1. Is Iain Reading your real name? Or is it a pen name?
It is unfortunately a pen name because someone was already using my real name. Two someone's, in fact, and one of them wasn't getting very good reviews. But...  teaser here....  Iain Reading is extr…

My Monthly Adventures: November 2017


 Before I even begin disussing everything I did this month, I will answer the question that everyone who is reading this is possibly thinking of: "Isn't it December, not November?" Well, um, yes, it's December and almost the beginning of January 2018; however, I am still celebrating the month of November. There is no problem with that! So, although I usually(and should) post these in the beginning of the designated month, I never felt like writing all the adventures I experienced. I really did not read that much nor did much except for college and sleeping; however, I want to cross this post off the list before it never gets posted. As this month was somewhat boring(in my opinion), I will "try" to make this post short.

Books I Read This Month

1. Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan
4.5/5 stars
I love the Magnus Chase trilogy; however, this was not the satisfying ending that I was hoping for. There were a few things I loved and a few things…

Where Has the Year Gone? || Winter TBR And My Chances of Getting into Broadway

"Hello! My name's Nicole! And I would like to share with you the most amazing news!"
"Hello! It is the news of the year ending once again (like a long, long time ago)!"
"Did you hear? *flipping the calendar pages* 2017 is ending!"

Where has the year gone? With me starting college and beginning my adventures through book blogging this year, I guess there is a reason for the year to move on before I am even ready. Stupid time! Well, time is not stupid; it is just that time does not know time management.

Also, even though this may be a little irrelevant from the subject of this post, I think I may have a shot at Broadway just telling from the opening lines of this post. Disagree with me if you want; however, doesn't everyone at least have a try to getting what one wants? I think so, just as long as one tries hard enough.

Okay, as that little discussion is over, I might as well tell everyone what I want to read this winter, which is really from mid-D…

Book Review: Aaru by David Meredith

*Received a copy of Aaru by David Meredith from the author in exchange for a honest review.

2/5 stars

Rose, a sixteen year old leukemia patient, is slowly dying each day with no hope for a cure to save her. While she is in the hospital, which acts as Rose's prison, a stranger named Mr. Adams saves her soul so she can be part of Aaru, a new project that saves the deceased who deserve a second chance to live. While Rose is alive in her virtual world, Koren is becoming a famous star. However, life does not seem that glorious when your story becomes a worldwide topic. One disadvantage is when Magic Man becomes the evil villain in both of Koren's and Roses' lives. Throughout the book, Rose tries to stay by Koren as trouble strikes them through their journey of sisterhood and life.


Aaru was one of the several books I read while Hurricane Harvey took its trillions of gallons of water and dumped it on Houston in a nonstop rainstorm. Even though I had no internet and no …

2018 Books I Want That I REALLY REALLY Want

As 2017 is sadly coming to an end, 2018 is approaching quickly. It may be coming a little too quickly now that I think about it. Hmm, I will have to rub my chin with my nonexistent beard later as I am discussing something other than time. So, along with the coming of a new year, new books are being presented to readers everywhere. Even though we can drool on our computers and can whine in agony, I still want the books now! However, I will wait for my new babies(or books! I am not weird) to come out into the world with fresh new pages and an unbroken spine. Ah, I'll wait with a nice slurp of tea, if I please. I WILL WAIT!

Since  I am very evil and a super villain in-training, I will force everyone to suffer by letting everyone learn about the books that are going to be the top of almost everyone's tbr pile! MUAHAHAHA!😈*cough, cough, cough* I must perfect my evil laugh soon but not now as it is BOOK TIME!

Books I Am Really Super-Duper Excited for in the Y…