A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

About everyone has heard of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens from the Disney movie or reading the book. I have seen/read both and think they are both wonderful and full of the Christmas spirit. *WARNING*: There may be spoilers in this review. You have been warned!😈
My Summary:
   It all starts on a cold Christmas day with Ebenezer Scrooge working at Marley and Scrooge, a money-lending business. He has always hated Christmas and even hates it to present day. Until he goes home, he has never doubted himself. First, he sees Marley's face on his door knocker, then Marley's ghost, and lastly three ghosts. The first ghost he meets is Christmas Past who shows Scrooge his past Christmases. Then, the ghost of Christmas present comes to him to show him what is happening on at the present moment. He sees families going through struggles, hardships, and some comedic moments. He sees his nephew having a party and praising him. Then, the ghost of Christmas future comes and shows future Scrooge dying on Christmas day. No one attends Scrooge's funeral and treats him as if he was not a human being. When he wakes up from his night adventure, he has a different attitude towards everyone and the Christmas holiday, and he decides to celebrate the holidays. The End.🎅

My Thoughts:
   First, I know this is a Christmas tale but I read it in April due to me buying tons of ebooks on my kindle. Ugh, the reading hangovers. If books could always be free! *sigh* Well, I read A Christmas Carol in a day since it was a short book and enjoyed it. It made me think of my attitude and what will happen when I die, which I hope will not come for a long time. I have always enjoyed Christmas and reading this book had reminded me of what Christmas was really about: family. Even though getting presents is amazing and a great way to show people how much you care for someone, spending time with each other can be the greatest present of all. Wow, that just got deep. Okay, now to go back to being silly. It had a happy ending and I enjoy when everything works out with no one dying, except my heart. I really liked Scrooge's character development throughout the story even though it was a little too fast to be believable. It was also a little slow in the beginning and some of the things that were described in detail did not need that much explaining.  Overall, I gave it 4/5 stars on Goodreads. Now, I need to go watch the movie.AGAIN! 😆

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