Unboxing the October NOVLbox

Foreword: Thank you to the people at the NOVL, or Little, Brown, and Company, in the promotion of Hachette Book Group for sending me the October NOVLbox. 

First, before I actually go into detail about what is in last month's NOVLbox, I cannot believe that I have started this blog from only doing book reviews to having a variety of posts ranging from recommendations to tags, and, now, to bookish unboxings. Also, I immensely enjoyed opening the October NOVLbox, and I believe my mom did, too. Literally, my mom was hungrily watching me unbox this from our dining room table. It also looked as if my mom wanted some of these items, too; so, good job, NOVL! Now, let's actually get into what was in this mystical box full of books and bookish items! Also, I will be rating the items with birds since it is an important part of of one of the books in this box.

 Item #1: Tote Bag
🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦(or 5/5 birds)
At first glance at this NOVLbox, you see the box is signed by the author, which is a nice touch. Though, if you were to open it after staring and drooling at it for hours, you may find yourself bombarded with lots of green paper worms or whatever the packing thingies are called. Once you get rid of all the worms and the note that tells about the significance of each item in the box, you see a beautiful, dark, and mysterious tote bag to use when you go for a night out on the town. The bag seems to be durable so you could probably pack a lot of books in it! I cannot wait for the nights I go out, which is very few, so I can show off how many books I can hold! Also, this bag is so true since I am always booked whether it is for a pun or work.

 Item #2: Aristotle Notebook
🐦🐦🐦🐦🐤(or 4.5/5 birds)
Somehow, everyone has been giving me journals, whether it is my mom, my grandma, or Jennifer Rush, the author who curated this box. It seems like the universe or the Illuminati wants me to write. My mom will be happy to read that I really like journals; but, she will be upset when she reads that I do not write in journals very often unless if I am writing notes for my books. However, I would love to write in this one due to the quote on the cover. The only complaint I have about this item is that there are no lines on the pages, so I will not be able to write in straight lines without a ruler. Other than that, this is a great item, and I cannot wait to write in it in the future.

Item #3: A "I Caw the Shots" Pin
🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦(or 5/5 birds)
Jennifer Rush really outdid herself with this box, and I have not even gotten through half of it. This pin seems to be durable and crafted very well. I absolutely love the saying on it and so much so that I literally laughed when I first saw it! Since I like it so much, I would not be surprised if I put it on my backpack or on one of my shirts one day.

Item #4: Blackbird Tattoo from Ali Chappell Bates
🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦(or 5/5 birds)
This temporary tattoo is stunning! I lost my breath when I first saw this since 1) I ran to my house with this box after I found it in my mailbox and I am out of shape😞 and 2) this tattoo has too much beauty! I would like to wear it, but it is probably going to become a piece of artwork for my wall since it is so pretty! I am really sorry that I am getting really repetitive by writing that the tattoo is so pretty or beautiful, but I just cannot stop gushing over this. I will have to check out the artist's website, which I linked above, later.

Item #5: La Nuit Soap
🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦(or 5/5 birds)
Next, this La Nuit soap is said to be very important to Rush and her newest story in Devils &Thieves. One of Rush's characters seems to smell like this soap, which just smells like a shop full of soap. It smells nice if you like that smell. Unless if I decide to never open it, I would really like to use it soon since it smells so GOOD! I wish that I could smell it while I read Devils &Thieves.
Items #6-8: BOOKS!
Since this book box is curated by an author who writes books, there are obviously going to be books included in this book box. The books included are The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, who is an author I have been wanting to read for a while now, Altered by Jennifer Rush, and the staring book, which is Devils & Thieves, that is also written by Jennifer Rush. I cannot wait to read and review all these books!

Item #9: NOVL Water Bottle
🐦🐦🐦🐦(or 4/5 birds)
Lastly, Rush added a NOVL water bottle/infuser, so one could have their water with a fruity flavor added. The water bottle seems to be sturdy even though the plastic is a bit flimsy like a non-reusable water bottle. I think the idea is good; however, I cannot get the infuser to sit straight nor stay in the same position. Throughout the day while I am traveling around my school campus, I could see myself carrying this water bottle with ice in the infuser part of it. Great addition to this box, but it could be greatly improved.

So, this was my review for the NOVLbox for October. Again, thank you to NOVL, or Little, Brown, and Company, in promotion of Hachette Book Group, which is the company who sends the boxes out, for sending me a box! If you want one, sadly, this box is currently only available through a giveaway on thenovl.com. You have to try your luck and see if you win through a contest with ten winners in total. Here is the link for the November NOVLbox, which I will also be trying my luck for after I unboxed this one. I hope I can get another one, whether it is through a request from the company or the chance of winning the giveaway.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!




  1. a-ok. i liked it bro. they look lit

  2. The NOVLbox is very cool! I loved opening and unboxing it! I hope I can get another soon, as this box was too WONDERFUL, AMAZING, and AWESOME!!!!! Have you ever unboxed any book boxes?


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