My Plans for This Blog

     I, obviously, love my blog. I love writing about books and anything I want that you and I like, but that does not explain why I abandon this blog that I say I love for very long periods of time until I trek onto this blog once again with good intentions but only leaving one or two scraps of posts to get my readers by. That, hopefully, stops now(or soon). That is why I devised a plan to keep by so I can get full use out of this blog I conjured up one day on a whim.

My plan consists of:

1. Amount of Blog Posts
I will write at least one blog post a month without writing something just to check the task off my list. I will write in advance, schedule a specific time to write blog post, or do whatever I can to complete this task without doing anything I view as bad.

2. Monthly Wrap-Ups
Instead of doing full reviews for every book I read, I will be doing a monthly wrap up sort of deal(I will come up with a better name for it, I promise). This will include books I read, things I do, movies and shows I watch, and anything else I decide to add to the mix of content. In this, I will write a short review of the books and whatever else is discussed in this added segment. Unless if the books I read are extremely popular or are requested for review by one of you or by the author or publisher of said book, do not expect a full review talking about my feelings and opinions of that said book.

3. Social Media
I will use Goodreads as one of my main sources for reviews rather than just using this one outlet for them. This will also go for my Instagram and Twitter for updates and reviews.

4. Updates
I have taken a liking to writing in the past few months; I hope to share my journey through words with all of you who are reading my blog. I will also be updating all of you on the occurrences happening in my life, as well as random things that seem to take a toll on me or make me happy.




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