The Meaning of Life...From a Cat

I recently had just finished What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life by Niki Anderson; and while reading this book about cats and what they can teach us, I came up with the idea for this blog post. Now, I am in no way a trained professional in psychology, like Frasier Crane(HA!), nor do I know what the meaning of life is. I was just interested in the idea of a variety of different cats teaching others alike and unlike them lessons and different ways to view life arranging from the importance of individuality to the idea of showing people what you are feeling.
The thing with finding out what the meaning of life is is that everyone's life is different so everyone's meaning and mission is different than that to a man walking down the street in a neighborhood or a woman working on an article for a newspaper.
Also, since this whole blog article started out with a book, I might as well tell some of my feelings on the subjects What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life. To start off, I do not usually read self-help books or books that talk about meditations and cliché tips to make one's life better. I knew going into this book I would not soak up any of the recommended tips and tricks to use in my daily life to make it better. It is not me to do any of that since I get all my knowledge of themes in fiction books. I did enjoy reading the different stories of different cats unknowingly coming together to write a book. I really enjoy any book with stories of cats and their owners. I always will enjoy books about cats learning lessons from getting rid of one of their nine lives on a risk and climbing a tree to an endless height, waiting to be saved from a firefighter or a family member.


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