Book Review: Amber Sky by Claire Warner

Amber Sky (C.O.I.L.S of Copper and Brass, #1)Beneath the Amber Sky, the nobility control the food, education, and the mysterious C.O.I.L.S of Copper and Brass. To Tay, struggling to keep her siblings alive, the ideas of rebellion and freedom are distant and unreachable.
But when her father is arrested, she begs Darius James, the son of the Overseer, to save his life. Darius agrees, but his help costs her a favour, one he can call in at any time. 

Darius' favour will bring her to the Palace, and the perfect position to help the growing rebellion. But the court has games beyond anything she has seen before, and Darius' secrets will add to the danger.

Tay is now able to make a difference, to join the rebellion, find the C.O.I.L.S and discover the secrets of the Amber Sky. All she has to do is survive. 


"The Coils of Copper and Brass were a fantasy, an old fairy tale told to children, and certainly nothing to pin dreams of freedom on."

3.5/5 stars

Over the course of Christmas Break, I thought it would be best if I wrote reviews for all the books I have read over the past couple of months. When Christmas Break came and went, I saw there were no reviews written, so I am using the few days I have gotten off from school due to freezing temperatures to write reviews. The first review I thought I should start off with is one in which I thought the cover was stunningly beautiful and the description was intriguing. Who is ready to jump into a review about more than just pretty dresses and steamy romances?

First, the plot was very interesting and I found it very intriguing. However, it is overused as it is a dystopian society where the government controls all the knowledge of its people. Also, everyone is sorted into social classes depending on where one lives. It reminded me too much of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins; however, there were no kids fighting to the death. Though there may not have been a brave character choosing to fight in the place of her sister to save the world, I got to see some of the politics of this world and be in the place of a stealthily spying character.

Next, I really enjoyed the characters, especially Tana as she had a really good character arc. When reading a story, I look for a character to relate to, and this book did not disappoint. I really saw myself in this book as I am very shy and meek, like Tana; however, as the story progresses, Tana begins to find herself and begins to stand up for herself as she learns new things and becomes a spy for Darius and his sister. That is the opposite of me as I will probably always be a small turtle hiding in my shell. The other character I wanted to discuss is Darius as he is the main love interest for Tana. He is a lot more selfless than I thought he was going to be as he loves his sister, whom he will protect forever, and would rather save the world than stand on the sidelines. Although I may have enjoyed Darius as a character, I really wish that Darius had as much character development as Tana as he was just the brooding male heroine/love-interest.

Also, I also really enjoyed the romance. Usually, I either love or hate the romance, and this one did not disappoint me. I was shipping Tana and Darius from the start. Who cannot find an OTP in a book? That is impossible as I have started doing it in real life; such as when I may have started shipping Canada and Mexico together. It is not a problem until you start identifying it as a problem.

However, I hate that a love triangle was starting to form with Tana, Darius, and some soldier whose name I cannot remember. I just want a romance without a love triangle forming because it never happens in real life. Just, why?!

Now that I have at least written one nice thing about this book, it is time to bring in some saucy drama. Ooooh!!! One not so good quality of this book was when the story line got super slow, like slug slow. 

The story would just trudge on, and of course me being me, I would start reading at midnight and end up falling asleep five minutes later. Just because I have low patience does not mean that I should have to wait for the action scenes and high drama. Also, I have said this before, but the plot is cliché and used too often in books, movies, and so many television shows.

Lastly, the only reason why I decided to give this book 3.5 stars was because it was interesting, and I know I would have enjoyed this so much more in the prime years of dystopian. Even though the plot was a bit overused, which I have said for the three millionth time, it did bring me some nostalgic memories of reading The Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched, and so many other books that were part of the young adult dystopian craze. Also, the ending left me wanting more so you probably know what I will be requesting next!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!


How do you feel about dystopians? Are you sick off them or do they bring you joy? What is your favorite dystopian book? Have you/will you read this book in the future? Do you like to spy?Talk with me in the comments below or on any of my social medias.



  1. I'm fine with most dystopians, although I try not to read too much of this genre since I get burnt out of it quickly, since they have a lot of similar tropes. :/

    I'm not really interested in this one (even if you mentioned an awesome romance, which is a novel must-have for me), but I'm glad you ~mostly~ enjoyed it. Awesome review! <3

    - Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    1. Hi, Aimee! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      I can see with what you mean for reading dystopians and being choosy with them. I have definitely walked the dystopian burn-out mile in your shoes because it is so hard now to read something dystopian that is also original(like your name since I have never seen it before and it is really cool :) ). However, I am still sad to read that dystopians can get you down. I hope one day you will find your ideal YA dystopian.

      Also, your comment about needing an awesome romance is so true! There always needs to be a couple I can root for!


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